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Frequently Asked Questions


QWho is behind the project?

AInstaBitcoin was created by different personalities from the Bitcoin Cash community, with vast recognition among the users. Currently, the administration is located in the United States with workers located in Latin America.

QWhen it was established?

AInstaBitcoin was established in August 2019.

QWhat are our objectives?

AOur objective is to make Bitcoin Cash the main currency used in Venezuela for payments, as well as give options to exchange said cryptocurrency to Bolivares and US Dollars.


QHow are you using our donations?

ADonations are going to be used to inject liquidity into our exchange operations and also to create events to spread Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela, like talks, meetups and more.

QWhy would I help InstaBitcoin?

AInstaBitcoin is a major group recognized among the Bitcoin Cash community, because of their efforts to make BCH a payment currency in Venezuela. It also has support from different popular platforms, such as Sideshift.ai and CoinSpice. You can follow their achievements through their official Instagram account @InstaBitcoin_ven

QHow can I verify the usage of my donations?

AYou can follow all our meetups and events through our official Instagram account. We usually post videos and photos about everything we do related to Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela.


QHow can I request an exchange?

AJust send us a message to our official Telegram and WhatsApp chats registered with the number +58 412 7608100.

QHow long does it take to complete?

AAn order takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete in normal events. In special circumstances it can take more time, with proper agreement from the client.

QCan I request a refund?

AWhile the operation is in process you can request a refund anytime, but once the exchange is done no refund is available.

Bitcoin Cash

QWhat is Bitcoin Cash?

ABitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency born in 2017 from a Bitcoin's hard-fork. It's the result of the necessity to scale the blockchain for massive adoption while keeping low-fees and safe 0-confirmation transactions.

QWhy should I use Bitcoin Cash?

ABitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that wants to scale for world usage, having low fee transactions (inferior to $0.01 dollars) and safe 0-confirmation operations. Bitcoin Cash can also handle x30 more volume of transactions compared to Bitcoin (BTC).

QCan I buy Bitcoin Cash with InstaBitcoin?

AYes, you can, by only sending us a message to our official numbers on Telegram and WhatsApp. Our official and only registered phone number is +58 4127608100.